WOW – ‘Phoenix’ by Sam Baguley

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘Phoenix’ by Sam Baguley c. 2018.  Art Today were so impressed with the painting, Sam let us help name it!

Art Today’s chosen winner for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week is accomplished portrait artist and muralist, Sam Baguley for her vibrant piece entitled ‘Phoenix’ (left)…


Sam Baguley is based in Cheshire, England, living with her son and 3 cats.  Having no art qualifications beyond A-Level has not stopped this talented painter from realising her creative career ambitions, however.  She usually focusses on portraiture and murals, but has also branched out into tattoo design.  Sam describes herself as an avid collector of source material, including books on Japanese tattooing.  She has had a life-long interest in horses, which was her first creative inspiration.  Since then, she has branched out into translating numerous commissions into any 2-D art form, and has explored contemporary abstraction.

The artist herself.


Sam is always open to refining and updating her work in order to make it competitive.  By using YouTube clips to gain tips on broadening her skill set, blogging to work through new creative ideas, and regularly visiting exhibitions and galleries, she gleans new knowledge from her experiences and moulds it into fresh pieces of art.  In recent times, this has evolved into using press clippings to add literary captions and narrative to her work.

In particular of her piece entitled ‘Same Sky’, she states:-

‘I hope to illustrate that however vast the world is, we all live under the same sky, and other people’s problems (Syria, Afghanistan, terrorism, etc) are also our own and we shouldn’t ignore them…’.


Art Today were particularly impressed with the confident and vibrant palette used in this piece.  There is a ‘no holds barred’ feel to it.  The dynamism and upthrust of the central, fire-like image enhances the energy, providing a high-frequency to the painting.  Even the background cobalts and turquoises are comparatively ‘hot’ shades of blue, giving, at once, stark contrast against the scarlet, lemon and clementine of the central feature, and also heating the piece further.  It feels like the whole image will self-combust at any moment.  Bravo!

Current catalogue:-

Portrait detail (watercolour) by Sam Baguley.

Sam is always ready to take on new commissions and any creative challenges her art clients set her.  She is particularly busy around Christmas, and so if you have an order for her around this time, get in quick!

Her website details her multi-faceted skill set, from murals to tattoos, portraiture to caricatures.  Recently, as her Facebook page demonstrates, she has immersed herself in exploring abstraction as a medium, too.  Art Today are particularly captivated by these works, and hope to see many more of them.



[Credits:  Feature image – ‘Phoenix’ by Sam Baguley (Facebook:  @SamBaguleyArtist);]



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