WOW- ‘Rainy Day Lotus’ by Joke Frima

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘Rainy Day Lotus’ by Joke Frima.  Oil on linen.  75 x 120cm.

Art Today’s chosen winner for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week is still-life and landscape painter, Joke Frima and her captivating piece entitled ‘Rainy Day Lotus’ (left)…


Joke Frima was born in The Hague (Netherlands) in 1952.  She attended the Academies of Fine Arts in both Rotterdam and Tiburg, before taking an internship at Studio Simi, Florence, focussing on figurative painting (1976 – 84).

Joke painting at Studio Simi for Signorina Simi. The image is entitled ‘Joke Frima – Forza e corragio (‘Move Forward with Courage’), the legacy of Nerina Simi (1890 – 1987).

Following a stint in Italy teaching art and painting, she returned to The Netherlands to concentrate on still life and landscape work.  In 1999 she moved again, this time to Burgundy, France, where she currently resides.  Since 2010, she has been recognised as a Living Master Painter by the Art Renewal Centre (


Her still-life pieces now focus on foliage rather than flora, using a low viewpoint to add interest and scale.  They evoke a sense of otherworldliness, calm and harmony.

Joke painting in her studio.


2018 – The Representational Art Conference 2018 (Netherlands), 3rd Prize (for ‘Rainy Day Lotus’).

2017 – Certificate of merit Award for outstanding work, Salmagundi club, SCNY “Radiant Still Life” Exhibition.

2016 – Portrait Society of America, 2nd Place.

2015 – The Representational Art Conference 2015 (Netherlands) (online), 3rd Prize.

2014 –  International Artist magazine’s Challenge no. 101 (Florals & Gardens), Grand Prize Winner.

‘Rainy Day Lotus’:-

This particular piece illustrates Joke’s focus on vegetation and her bird’s-eye view of it.  As though she were suddenly miniaturised and transported into a garden world of pondlife and foliage.  The palette of greens she has chosen are crisp and fresh, almost eliciting a primordial need to devour the lush Lotus leaves and go hunting for more.  The realism – down to the delicate veins in the underside of the leaves – promotes a memory response similar to that experienced with close-up wildlife photography.  Art Today were particularly drawn to the expert depiction of pond water painted subtly in the foreground, giving a rich, aquatic feel.

Current catalogue:-

‘Ponte di Pruno’ by Joke Frima, c. 2016. Oil on linen. 30cm x 40cm.  One of her current works for sale in her online gallery (

Frima continues to conquer the art world one landscape at a time.  In 2017, she showcased her stunning works in notable group exhibitions in Italy, The Netherlands and The US.

Her current catalogue can be viewed in her online gallery, here:  Joke also owns her own exhibition space at the old schoolhouse, Vissingy (the hamlet where she resides in Bourgogne), as well as an exhibition facility in Driebergen, Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Her works were published in the following book in 2014:

She will exhibit at Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam, from 16th March until 14th April 2019.



[Credits:  Feature image – ‘Rainy Day Lotus’ by Joke Frima (;;;;;;]





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