WOW – ‘Aurora’ by Julie Dumbarton

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘Aurora’ by Julie Dumbarton (hand-signed). Open edition Giclee print. 1140mm x 950mm. £160 (inc VAT).

Art Today’s chosen winner for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week, goes to one of our favourite fine-art, landscape painters – Julie Dumbarton.



Working out of a renovated chapel in her hometown of Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Julie has been an artist since the get-go.  Her determined creativity has seen her claim studios in a wide variety of locations, including a cow shed and a garage.  Since 2014, however, she has been able to post pictures of the renovation of her much-loved new studio on her social media pages.  The plain white walls of her upcycled, previously-dilapidated chapel are now graced with an explosion of ‘colour hugs’ thanks to her vibrantly-hued landscape paintings.  Indeed her bio states:

‘I’m obsessed with colour, as you can see in many of my paintings, and strive to show the subtle details that we all see but often go unnoticed.’.

The artist herself, Julie Dumbarton, with some more of her beautiful landscape paintings.


Art Today chose ‘Aurora’ in particular due to the plethora of rainbow colours present in a painting that is packed full of detail.  The viewer feels a sense of overwhelming gaiety and joy pressed into every brushstroke and the subject positively hums with warm salutation.  Evoking long, Sunday country walks, giddy and hazy Summer childhood escapades, and giggling picnics of jam sandwiches and lemonade, ‘Aurora’s delightful Poppy heads dance ahead of you as you feel yourself being drawn evermore into the scene.

Of her subject matter, Julie says:-

‘I find it hard to describe what I specifically want to convey through my work. They [the paintings] are made through feelings rather than words. If I was forced to sum up what I want to express, I would describe them as dreamlike and nostalgic yet contemporary. They speak of memories and the endurance of images. Atmospheric and melancholic, they are inconsequential moments that are highly charged…’.

In these days of smart, sassy, contemporary painters spray-painting minimalist murals or hewing a quizzical, interpretive piece out of plastic, Julie’s beautiful, engaging and evocative paintings bring everything and more to the viewer.  Revealing all you need to know to engage you with almost virtual-reality-like, panoramic captivation, ‘Aurora’ in particular acts like a breath of fresh air – and Art Today just can’t get enough!

Current catalogue:-

For more of Julie’s fabulous pieces, which range in price from £120 for a mini-print to £8,500 for her original oil paintings entitled ‘Sun Dance’ and ‘The Red Forest’, see her website (  For details on her fascinating chapel renovation, see ‘A Bit About Me’ (also on her website).

Visitor Information:  Julie opens her chapel studio to visitors from 10am to 4pm every Saturday (all other times by appointment only).  If you can’t get there, her paintings can be bought directly from her website.


[Credits:  Feature image – ‘Aurora’ by Julie Dumbarton,;]


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