The Art Today Gallery: Yda, Resident Digital Artist

One of our new Resident Artists, Yda brings a cutting-edge, contemporary feel to the Art Today Online Gallery…

Our Resident Digital Artist: Yda

‘Ashita’ (‘Tomorrow’) by Yda c. 2017. Price on request.

Yda is a truly zen individual.  A digital genius and poetry prodigy, her War Poetry has been included in the World War One Ypres Salient Cenotaph Memorial, Belgium.

'Nostradamus' by Yda c. 2017. Price on request.

‘Nostradamus’ by Yda c. 2017. Price on request.

Her digital art is mostly based on Japanese culture – specifically Manga and Anime – and has a wistful, dreamlike quality.  Concerned with colour-blending and the use of light, her work creates a stunning finished piece with striking insight.  Poignancy and ponderance are key themes in pieces which are usually created by artists beyond her years.

Her prolific collection of work will gradually be added to our online gallery.  She will also be available for Q&A sessions on Twitter (dates to be advised).

If you are interested in the purchase of any of her works, please use our Contact Form here:-

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