BLOG: The Most Comprehensive Arts Library in the World

Art Today’s newest fundraising campaign is both ambitious and aspirational in its goal – to create the most extensive collection of arts literature and samples the world has ever seen! See here for updates on the campaign and how to donate…

See our campaign page on GoFundMe to donate, or use our PayPal facility below…

The Most Comprehensive Arts Library in the World…

To take a lifetime to achieve a goal is a magnificent feat in anyone’s book, but here at Art Today we like a challenge!

Our latest fundraising campaign will be an uphill climb rather than a flat-out sprint, but we are in this for the long haul…

Creative Census

Begun on crowdfunding site GoFundMe this week, our campaign aim is to gather, catalogue and archive the widest selection of arts literature and artistic samples possible to fill a creative census library.  From fashion to fine art; performance to portraiture; archaeology to architecture, we will be exploring all arts publications there have ever been and attempting to represent them in our ongoing exhibition.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of our library fundraising project will involve gathering as many donations as we can to not only purchase books and samples, but also to acquire appropriate archiving space for them.

Phase 2

Once we have acquired enough books and samples to form an exhibition, our collection will travel to various interested venues for public perusal.  We will seek to acquire permanent exhibition space in order to showcase such an ever-evolving and expanding collection.

We would also be delighted to receive arts literature and creative sample donations for our collection.  Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out how to donate.

Phase 3

We will caretake and maintain this valuable collection in suitable conditions to prevent decomposition.  Furthermore, we will honour our greatest donors by commemorating their generosity in the form of dedicated library sections or wings, plus a detailed Roll of Honour comprising every donation to the collection ever made.

£ Donations

In order to donate a financial contribution to our cause, please see our fundraising page on GoFundMe – the site instructions will take it from there.  Alternatively, you could use our Art Today PayPal facility (see button at the bottom of this page).

‘The Oxford History of the Classical World’ is the first literary donation to our library collection by Art Today and campaign founder ‘Frida’ (aka Andrea S. Greig-Bartram).

Entry Donations

We would also be interested in hearing from anyone who may have any arts literature or samples they may wish to donate.  Whether this is from your own book collection, or even a book written by you (signed copies please!) the more the merrier.  Samples could include:  discontinued wallpaper or fabric designs; student sketchbooks and exam entries; digital sampling or recordings; movie clips; play scripts – our list is not exhaustive!  Please email us at [email protected] with your ideas and potential entries.


We envisage that Phase 1 of this project will take 2-3 years minimum.  Please help to keep our campaign’s momentum by sharing on social media, and check in for blog updates on this site as well as GoFundMe.



[Credits:  Feature image – Trinity College Library, Dublin (; Dublin University Library archive; Graz University Reading Room; PayPal; GoFundMe


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