An Interview with: Cascade

Art Today caught up with new Brit Rock band Cascade following the success of their first online single ‘Listen Now’…

Cascade band members:  Austen, Sam, Dan and Chris have just finished a successful UK tour and are looking to sign with a record company.

Following the latest tour of new, and as yet unsigned, Brit Rock band from GuildfordCascade – fans are waiting with baited breath for the quartet’s next move.  Art Today caught up with band members Sam (Vocals, Guitar), Austen (Guitar), Chris (Bass) and Dan (Drums) hot on the tail of the release of their first singles – Listen Now and Come Along

1)  How did Cascade get together?
Dan:  It started with Sam and I. We both loved the same music when we were at school and were just jamming for a bit of fun until the idea of getting serious came about; after sam found out he could sing and actually write music. A few years and a few line up changes later; here we are!
2)  How long have you been together?
DanSam and I have been in Cascade for well over 3 years now, Chris has been playing with us for just under 2 years and Austen joined us back in March.
3)  What is the song Listen Now about?
Sam:  Its about not being listened to or acknowledged by people who are meant to care about you; such as girlfriends and close mates.

4)  Your recently-released single Come Along has had 6.2k YouTube views – what is its ethos?
Sam:  It’s about going to those parties, taking those drugs and drinking that booze. Even though we know it’s bad for us, you gotta live a little, ya know?
5)  Who are you signed with?
Dan:  We’re currently unsigned. (Hit us up).

Cascade‘s first single Listen Now is available for download on all quality online platforms.  Next single Come Along is also available…

6)  Where was the best gig you’ve ever played?

Sam:  The headline shows at The Star that we played in the beginning were epic. They were the shows that kind of put us on the local map. My personal favourite show so far was our Boileroom headline show from our first tour. It was great because it was the last show of the run and everyone came, it really went off.  Recently, a lot of our Reading shows have been contending for that top spot so keep an eye out!

7)  Why music?

Sam:  Because it creates moods. What’s better then having complete control over your mood, let alone other peoples?

8)  What do you enjoy most about performing?

Sam:  Going fucking bananas! Watching the crowds reaction to our music is the one, and playing live to me is everything. It’s the best bit about being a musician.

Chris:  I just love being on stage, you just get a mad feeling when you’re up there that you can’t get with anything else.

9)  Why did you choose your particular music genre?

Sam:  We never really sat down and picked a genre. I write specific sounding material and you can hear my influences, but our true sound just comes from everyone putting their own touches on each tune, by being unique to their instrument. In a nutshell, we all love British rock music with a passion, so that’s why it sounds like British rock music.

The band advise anyone with Brit Rock aspirations to ‘work hard, play hard’ and ‘know what they want’

10)  What are Cascade‘s plans for the next 12 months?

Dan:  Releasing more music, more shows, more fun!

11)  And what about long term?

Sam:  I don’t know about the other guys, but I want to be in the biggest band in the world. So yeah, Glastonbury main stage I suppose. Headlining.  One day.

12)  If you could invite any famous band/musician to one of your gigs, who would that be?

Sam:  Definitely Noel Gallagher, or Van McCann. But Dave G would be a fucking shout.

Chris:  I’d get all the boys from Arctic Monkeys, maybe Dave Grohl too.

13)  If you could play anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Sam:  Glastonbury, main stage.

14)  What inspires you?

Sam:  Life! I can only write about what I have experienced. I can’t write about sports cars and money, because I don’t have any of that. I can write about growing up and having a right laugh though.

15)  Which songwriter do you most admire?

Sam:  Noel Gallagher without a doubt has had the biggest impact on my life. He is for sure the reason why I picked a guitar up in the first place.

Cascade‘s newest band member – Austen -on stage.  He joined the quartet in March this year…

16)  What advice would you give any aspiring musicians?

Sam:  I would say “Don’t give up”, but everyone says that. I’d say; know what you want, and be realistic. If you genuinely believe that what you are making is the tits, then pursue it until everyone else believes it is, too.
Dan:  Work hard, play hard.
17)  What do you want Cascade‘s legacy to be?
Sam:  That 4 lads were just in it to win it. Even if we don’t get there, we gave it a bloody good shot. Most importantly, I’d like us to be remembered for continuing British rock music.

And how!  

Art Today wishes Cascade every success with their future aspirations.  If you would like to sign the band, please get in touch with the Art Today Newsdesk, or their management at Crosstalk MGMT (Josh Willis).


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Bookings:  Josh Willis at

Upcoming gigs:  Cascade will play The Bar, Worthing on Friday, 7th December, along with White Canvas, Dirty Cassettes and Apex Sun; followed by The Boileroom, Guildford on Saturday, 5th January, supported by Flashfires and The Breaks.

Singles:  Listen Now and Come Along are available for download on Spotify and Amazon Music, as well as other popular music platforms.


[Credits:  Feature image – Cascade band members (Sam, Dan, Austen and Chris); images by Forgotten Media;;;]


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