Wedgewood x Hitomi Hosono

The Stoke-on-Trent porcelain house’s first ever Artist in Residence explains her inspirations, methodology and thoughts on her new collaborative journey…

Hitomi Hosono’s planning stages and end results of her new Jasperware collaboration with Wedgewood.

Hitomi Hosono’s beautifully-intricate ceramic designs are now gracing the ever-so-British fine bone china of home accessories denizen, Wedgewood.

In a collaboration resulting from Hosono’s internship with the Jasperware giant whilst at university (Royal College of Art, London, 2008), her strong yet delicate botanical motifs were directly sought after by Wedgewood for the inception of this new programme.  Of her internship Hosono states:-

‘The biggest inspiration working with Wedgwood was looking at the archives, and this deep history making art pieces…’.

In her new association, Hosono has combined archival Wedgewood patterns with traditional Japanese artistic methodology to form a new take on the classic pastel homeware.  According to the artist, Japanese artists place each part of the plant as naturalistically as possible.

‘In Japanese aesthetics, things are placed as they exist in the natural world,” she claims. “When you see the flowers, they’re overlapping, or look like they’re falling. There’s more movement.’.

She has also brought nature to the foreground, tempting the viewer to uncover the piece beneath the flora.  Classical Greek characters have been replaced with a much keener representation of biological detail.  The clay moulds attached to the ceramic house’s signature Jasperware have a much more 3-dimensional, higher relief, prompting greater engagement and more dynamism within each piece.

To see more on Hosono’s new artistic journey and her distinctive pieces, visit  (Prices from £3,500).

[Credits:  Feature image – vase by Hitomi Hosono for Wedgewood;]



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