iArtist x Aspire

Art Today’s latest collaboration with new Street Art commissioning site iArtist has led us to their newest champion – talented London-based muralist Aspire… [By iArtist & Frida]

Street Art in the home…

The Street Art scene in London is world-renowned – but have you ever considered commissioning a bespoke piece for your home?

London is known internationally for its thriving street art culture, where local and international artists full the streets with murals, paste-ups and public art galore. But have you ever considered hiring a street artist to paint a mural in your home? Eschewing traditional frames and canvases, mural art is a growing trend for UK homes and businesses.

London – Street Art hotspot…

In London you will find Street Art hot-spots such as the Nomadic Community Gardens, Brick Lane and Old Street in Shoreditch, and Leake Street by Waterloo Station where the artwork on display is different every time you visit. You can find space age looking portraits, geometric patterned wonders and everything in between. Every artist has their unique style, tags, characters and followers who scout out their work as it pops up across the city.

iArtist Launch…

New Street Art and Mural PR site iartist.co.uk was founded by entrepreneur Gaurav Kawar this year…

It’s this variety and quality of Street Art that inspired Gaurav Kawar to launch iArtist, a website with the goal of connecting artists with new projects and promoting hand-painted murals as a design choice in businesses and homes.

‘We aim to be a resource for people to discover talented artists and browse different styles in one place,” said Mr Kawar. “Murals are a great design choice any office space or living room wall. Professional artists will tailor the design to suit your taste, they can fit any room shape or size and you’re supporting an independent artist’s career.’.


Stunning ‘Peacock’ mural by Street Artist Aspire – a new member of the iArtist creative stable.

Aspire is a Street Artist who started painting murals in Bristol and been based in London for 2 years now. In residential properties he has painted commissions ranging from large scale feature walls to subtle embellishments, everything from birds and animals, to cityscapes and natural scenery.

‘Everything I do is freehand,’ said Aspire when describing his work. ‘I try and capture a bit of realism, but I also like a little looseness or character to my work. I seem to paint a lot of birds! They provide good colour concepts and ideas of perspective. Birds are also magical creatures in the sense they hold meaning and symbolic value to different people, cultures and generations. They are a great key to understanding the natural world and thusly ourselves and our relationship with it.’.


You can find work by Aspire and many more artists at iartist.co.uk. The website has a gallery of artwork to browse and you can message any artist directly to discuss design ideas, get a quote and organise a commission.


iArtist is currently based in London and operates around the UK. They also have plans to launch an Australian site in early 2019. Head to iartist.co.uk to find out more.

Find Aspire’s iArtist profile at:- http://iartist.co.uk/a/aspire/157


[Credits:  Feature image – London Street Art (by Claire Jobling (Marketing) c. 2018 for iartist.co.uk); iArtist on behalf of Aspire; iArtist Press Office]


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