Whistler at Mottisfont

The much-overlooked 20th Century artist posthumously exhibits at the home of his last, great work in Hampshire…

Self-Portrait from the Salisbury Museum.

Self-Portrait from the Salisbury Museum.


The rising-star art institution of the South-West – Mottisfont National Trust estate in rural Hampshire – will curate a posthumous exhibition featuring works from the ‘exceptional but much-overlooked’ 20th Century artist, Rex Whistler next Spring.

Hans Christian Andersen illustration - 'The Little Mermaid'.

Hans Christian Andersen illustration – ‘The Little Mermaid’.

From 14th January to 23rd April, this glorious artistic haven will host the talented artist’s works created before he was killed in World War II.  ‘More Than Murals’ will explore not only the in situ Trompe L’Oeil paintings created by Whistler at Mottisfont, but also large-scale paintings, working designs and sketches.  It will also feature some personal items.  Over 70 pieces will be displayed, on loan from collections in Plas Newydd, the Whistler Archive and the Salisbury Museum.

Some of his best-known works will be on show, including oils of Lady Caroline Paget, with whom he had a passionate love affair.

Despite his artistic career being cut tragically short by his untimely passing, Whistler managed to disseminate his work far and wide.  From Tate Britain and the Royal Opera House, to Broadway and Salisbury Plain.  His prolific oils, set-designs, sketches and letters demonstrate a vivid imagination and keen eye for detail.

To enjoy the exhibition and the artist’s work in full glory, visit the Mottisfont National Trust website for more details:-













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