WOW – ‘Confection’ by Nancy Wood

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘Confection’ by Nancy Wood.

Art Today’s choice piece for our ‘Work of the Week’ award for this week goes to one of our favourite contemporary artists – Nancy Wood.

This particular piece of work captivated us not only due to its fluidity – something Nancy’s poured art is renowned for – but also its unusual palette.  The delicate lace effect caused by the fondant pink acrylic reacting with the sky blue, pistachio and raspberry hues causes the central feature to almost float mid air.

Originally, Nancy used watercolours to experiment with the divisiveness and resistance of various pigments.  Due to the influential works of Paul Jenkins and Holten Rower, however, she decided to try out the evolving patterns acrylics could produce.  Now, carefully-mixed secret recipes of acrylics and inks created to cause certain attraction or repulsion between shades, are then captured in microscopic, digital detail, giving us the final enigmatic pieces you see today.

Recently interviewed by Hampshire Life magazine, this ingenious artist has of late journeyed into the world of print-making.  As showcased by her September 2017 exhibition at Lumas Gallery, London, entitled Dialogue of Light, her particular brand of large-scale digital art is attracting critical acclaim the world over.  She has collaborated with such brands as Adobe and Cunard and continues to sell her entrancing pieces to high-end clients globally.

See our interview with Nancy here for more details:


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