Walala x Play at NOW Gallery, Greenwich – Open Today!

From 14th July to 24th September, NOW Gallery’s new Design Collaborator – Camille Walala – is exhibiting her ‘interactive abstract installation and immersive maze’…


The exhibition ‘ensures that visitors leave with not only a visual impression of the installation, but transformed by the experience of their own passage through it…’.

Physicality, play and problem solving are key to this Summer’s immersive maze installation at NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula.  Renowned digital print artist Camille Walala has installed her ‘Walala x Play’ exhibition there to run from 14th July until 24th September.  Its purpose is to delight and captivate the viewer with formidable patterns, imaginative puzzles and angular anomalies.

Her labyrinthine corridors and ‘temple of wonder’ created by Walala Studio seek to address the idea of human scale, using a range of spaces, mirrored panels, and suspended shapes to challenge your perception of the exhibition journey.


‘The anomalies and asymmetries will generally be discreetly positioned, requiring visitors to scrutinize the space from all angles to complete the puzzle…’.

The gallery states:-

‘Secret spots will be found when looking down from the balcony or looking up at the suspended elements. This element of physicality will encourage individuals to become more aware of their bodies, engage their minds and give themselves over to PLAY…’.

The gallery itself has a reputation for the proliferation of exciting design, fashion and art exhibitors.  Its location on the waterways of the Greenwich Peninsula is reflected in the winding paths of the Walala x Play exhibition.  Providing space and a cultural platform for emerging artists and designers to explore installations they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to show, the gallery seeks both the experimental and the exciting.


Camille Walala seated on one of the ping-pong tables NOW Gallery commissioned her to design for the Walala x Play exhibition.

The NOW Gallery has also commissioned 2 ping-pong tables by Camille Walala to be installed in the gardens throughout the Summer.  Bats and balls can be obtained from the gallery reception, to combine an outdoor play experience with the indoor maze and installation.

For further information on the exhibition, see nowgallery.co.uk.


[Credits: nowgallery.co.uk; thatsnotmyage.com; designboom.com]





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