Endorsement Partner: We Test Drive a Blair Chivers x goo.ey iPhone Gadget Case…

goo.ey say their gadget cases look great and make bold claims about their grippy functionality. We took to The Studio to test this out…

Gooey’s grippy not sticky feature – ideal for selfie’s on the move!

We were thrilled when one of the first gadget case design houses agreed to an endorsement partnership with Art Today.  Founded by Entrepreneur and Art Collector, Rachel Verghis, goo.ey’s range of accessories is comprehensive and their list of designers reads like the latest Who’s Who of Contemporary Art and Fashion.  On top of that, the gadget cases themselves come with one very funky feature – #grippynotsticky – or in other words, the cases adhere to glass and Perspex.  We just had to try one out…

goo.ey sent us one of their Blair Chivers iPhone cases.  A simple but effective design in a deep iridescent silver.  We enjoyed the single word placement and lower case design, feeling quietly extraordinary.

Gooey iPhone 6 case designed by Blair Chivers

Our Social Media Intern road-tested the case down at our Studio and out and about.  Here’s her verdict:-

Gooey x Kelly Hoppen iPhone 6 case

I was impressed at how much more robust the case made my phone feel.  The case is quite chunky, but it still fitted into my hands-free holder which was fortunate for SatNav usage.  I got a lot of compliments from friends about how different the case looked and they recognised that it was a Blair Chivers design. The #grippynotsticky feature was surprisingly useful.  Normally, I don’t take copious amounts of selfies but certainly took more knowing the phone could adhere to a mirror – it made getting ready for a night out easier because I could try out different looks and instantly take pictures without fumbling around and smudging my manicure! 

When I was at the gym, I didn’t have to worry about leaving my phone outside the shower incase it got wet – I just stuck it to the glass partition.  I’ve also used it in the kitchen (I stuck it to the window and could read a recipe easily).  The best part was when I was rushing to a meeting, however.  (I had a lot of bags to carry as well as my phone).  I stuck it to my iPad

Gooey Phoebe Lettice iPhone6 case

case which made it instantly portable.  At work in the Studio, I could stick it to the window whilst painting to keep it visible but out of the way, and when doing Admin I stuck it to my monitor which made for great multi-tasking…

Gooey x Ai Weiwei iPhone 6 case

goo.ey gadget cases come in an expansive range of designs.  From Phoebe Lettice glittery pink, to Kelly Hoppen textured metallic (our firm favourite), there is something for all tastes.

Even Ai Weiwei has collaborated, using a primary Lego motif:-

One of the most recent designers to join the goo.ey crew is Fashion Blogger Sherlina Nym.  Her contributions are irreverent and chic, with an unabashed modicum of feminine thrown in.  This is our favourite:-

For stockists, retailers and to see their full range of gadget cases, see the goo.ey website…


[Credits:-  www.gooeyhq.com; goo.ey Press Office]


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