Liberty Prints Meet Practical Design at

Hold on to your hat! (Or is that, shower cap?). Famous Liberty prints have found their way to practical home accessories – and we’re at the head of the queue!

Liberty print shower cap at by Alice Caroline in Mitsi Hot Pink. £24.50.

Liberty print shower cap at by Alice Caroline in Mitsi Hot Pink. £24.50.

When it comes to interior design, one must pay attention to detail.  But what about when it comes to practical, everyday objects that are needed within easy reach?  Should they be packed away in endless storage solutions, showhome style?  It’s not always possible to maintain a perfect, minimalist, neutralised existence when pulled in all directions by life’s demands – and isn’t it time to move on from beige, greige, taupe, ivory and their like?

In the Japanese art of Feng Shui, Yin is often balanced by Yang to give a flow of both positive and negative Qi (energy).  Neutral colours are fine, say the experts at, but it helps if they are balanced in a room with additions of warmth.

So why not combine warm notes with practical accessories – and kill two birds with one stone?

The lifestyle and interiors online shop appear to offer just that.  With products from diverse and eclectic design houses from Baobab, to Bugatti, Alessi to Agraria, Amara provide a one-stop-shop for sourcing accessories that will inject some positive energy into your home.

Our favourites are Liberty print practical products, some of which are designed by Alice Caroline.  Her fabric range encapsulates traditional favourites such as perennial classic, the ‘Strawberry Thief’, alongside modern brights like ‘Tresco‘; while other textile gems direct from Liberty itself, grace the site with their class and quality.  Hewn into home accessories and everyday vetements that every girl needs, these products can double-up as interior styling accents if staged correctly.  A Mitsi Hot Pink shower cap hung on a jewelled hook; Christelle Navy Long Robe draped elegantly at the end of a four-poster bed; Iphis Marlborough Handbag in vibrant red stationed ready-to-go, next to an antique umbrella stand.

Liberty print Christelle Navy Long Robe,, £295.

Liberty print Christelle Navy Long Robe,, £295.

All of these accessories are waiting to be dextrously plucked and deftly utilized by their contented and organised owner – a state of being that is widely sought-after and envied in today’s hectic world.  Perhaps doubling-up what we need with a little bit of what we fancy can do us the world of good.  Perhaps in a very simple way, that’s what a balance of Yin and Yang energy can achieve.

So next time you are fumbling in your seagrass bathroom storage for a clear, plastic shower cap, whilst half of you is already gritting your teeth trying to relax in your perfectly designed, symmetrical, fawn-tiled rainwater, delux-pressure shower – remember to take a moment later in the day to order some much-needed, positive Qi in the form of everyday, practical home accessories you can enjoy, that also look good on display.

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Iphis Marlborough Handbag in Red. £295.

Iphis Marlborough Handbag in Red. £295.







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