WOW – ‘Crowning Glory’ by Clare Maria Wood

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘Crowning Glory’ by Clare Maria Wood, c. 2018. Mixed media on board. 90cm x 66cm (framed).

Art Today’s chosen winner for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week, goes to Fine Artist and Printmaker, Clare Maria Wood and her fascinating piece entitled ‘Crowning Glory’ (left)…


Clare studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, followed by postgraduate study at Goldsmiths, London.  Since then recognition has come thick and fast, with exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art, the CPSC Diploma, and a residency at Brisons Veor, Cornwall, in 2016.

With each day beginning with an inspirational dog walk, Clare then gets down to creative flow, often working on several pieces at the same time.  Her abstract approach to landscape painting manifests from her intuitive view of her surroundings, and in trying to capture an ‘expression of place’.  In her recent ‘Woodland’ series, her work seized upon the changing nature of her local Beech woods through the seasons.  Other inspiration comes from the Cornish coastline, Yorkshire Moors (where she grew up) and the Cambridgeshire Fens (where her studio is situated).

She states:-

‘What really excites me is the ephemeral nature of the woodland so early in the morning. The glowing sunrise and copper leaves glimpsed fleetingly between the static beech wood trunks are framed, just for a moment, before changing again.’.  

Clare Maria Wood with more of her ‘Woodland’ series entitled ‘She Stands Aglow’ and ‘In All Her Glory’.

‘Crowning Glory’:-

This particular painting was inspired by hidden woodland flowers.  Art Today chose it due to its captivating form, variety of media and thought-provoking composition.  The chosen palette almost reaches out to you, whilst also remaining just out of reach.  The use of light dances and plays around the linear features, at once highlighting and also blurring one’s focus.  The scraped-back effect gives another dimension to an inspirational and rare piece.

Of her process, Clare indicates that she builds layers of paint, and then scrapes it back to reveal previous colours used underneath.  Her approach becomes more critical in the final editing of a piece, although she strives to maintain the original energy of the initial marks.

The artist’s ‘Woodland’ series will be at Bils & Rye gallery until 30th June.

Current catalogue:-

Clare not only uses painting as a medium of creative expression.  Since 2002, she has also made a foray into printmaking.  Her practice now incorporates monoprint, etching and colograph as a result.  Both her paintings and printmaking can be viewed on her website (

During 2018, Clare will be involved in several exhibitions, the next being ‘Beginnings – a collaborative show with the other members of The Cambridge 3 collective, Lesley Birch and Karen Stamper – at The Locker, Cambridge (from 1st June).  She will then go on to show at the Kellie Miller Gallery, BrightonCambridge Open Studios and the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale in September.


[Credits:  Feature Image:  ‘Crowning Glory’ by Clare Maria Wood;; Facebook – @ClareMariaWood]








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