WOW – Death Valley Installation by Lyman Whitaker

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

Art Today’s chosen winner for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week, goes to a world-renowned kinetic sculptor – Lyman Whitaker – and his installation at Death Valley, CA (see video above)…


Lyman Whitaker with one of his kinetic sculpture installations.  He is also an influential figure in his local community – he was one of the founding members of Artspace (Salt Lake City), in aid of creating affordable and safe living and working environments for artists.

Lyman has been creating wind sculptures for over 30 years and had a background in more mainstream sculpture for 20 years before that.  His ‘organic and mystical’ sculptures reflect his own current philosophy on life.  Their kinetic parts move in synchronicity with their environment, and Lyman’s hopes for our species include forging a better, more sustainable relationship with our world.  He states:-

‘I care deeply about our ecosystem and the world’s societal impact on it. As an artist, I can express my concern for the survival of our planet through a creative medium. The Wind Sculptures offer a comforting release from our fast-paced lives with their calm serenity and playfulness.’.

Lyman also works with his wife – Stacy Christensen – and his brother – John Whitaker – at Whitaker Studio.

Death Valley Installation:-

Art Today chose this piece in particular due to the impact the industrial and mechanical sculpture has on the very natural, organic landscape behind it.  Like an oxymoron, the one opposes the other.  However, the viewer feels a sense of harmony, with 2 worlds uniting to form a whole.  One could even go so far as to state that the installation evokes peace, compromise and symbiosis.  The calming and relaxing movements of the sculpture are almost hypnotic.

Of his subject matter, Lyman comments:-

‘By organically placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, the sculptures rise out of the ground to symbolize creative energy and the kinetic elements, new opportunities. I hope that my sculptures will generate a sense of interest and delight shared and enjoyed by a broad array of people.’.

Current catalogue:-

To view more of Lyman’s magnetic catalogue of works, see his website (  His exhibition entitled ‘Wind Sculptures in Motion: The Kinetic Art of Lyman Whitaker’ will take place at Dallas Arboretum and Botannical Gardens from May through to July.  He is also currently showcasing a group installation at Phipps Conservatory in the US (‘Gardens of Sound and Motion’,) with pieces ranging in price from $650 to $22,000.


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