WOW – ‘The Force of Nature’ by Lorenzo Quinn

Art Today’s ‘Work of the Week’ Award goes to…

‘The Force of Nature’ by Lorenzo Quinn, c. 2008 installation (Marina Barrage, Singapore).

Art Today’s choice for our ‘Work of the Week’ award this week goes to one of the world’s most emotive sculptors – Lorenzo Quinn.

His series ‘The Force of Nature’ came to our attention on International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2018).  Our interest was instantly piqued by such talent, and we sought to find out more.

The son of Mexican-American actor, Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo was born in Rome and once enjoyed a brief acting career (playing Salvador Dali, for instance), before pursuing his path as an artist.  According to the sculptor himself, this is what comes most naturally to him:-

‘The inspiration comes within a millisecond.’.

Lorenzo Quinn working on one of his colossal sculptures. The artist bears a striking resemblance to his father – actor Anthony Quinn.

Inspired by scenes from everyday life, he begins by drafting each piece in writing first, the essence of which is ultimately absorbed into the final sculpture.

Art Today are particularly struck by his collection ‘The Force of Nature’.  A series of metal sculptures placed in key sites across the world.  We are most impressed with the piece adorning Marina Barrage in Singapore (c.2008).  Its dynamism, balance, proportions and essence are most captivating.

Lorenzo is no stranger to public attention.  As well as many of his works gracing private collections, he has exhibited internationally at the Rafart Gallery (Spain); Rarity Gallery (Greece); Ode to Art Gallery (Singapore); Hewart Art Gallery (Saudi Arabia) and Marigold Gallery (India).  Furthermore, he has enjoyed press attention from such giants as Vogue, Harrods Magazine, Vanity Fair and Wall Street International.  His 93,000+ Facebook are testament to his public appeal.

To find out more about the artist’s impressive back catalogue, see his official website:  Art Today recommend purchasing one of the artist’s Love Line Bracelets – especially the white gold variation ‘for Him’ retailing at 4,850 Euros.


[Credits:; Twitter: @artistlorenzo; Facebook: @lorenzoquinnesculturas;]



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