Grayson Perry at the Serpentine – The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!

The ever-enigmatic artist is featured in a series of creative events at one of London’s most popular galleries this Summer…

Grayson Perry at the Serpentine. The gallery are confident that the exhibition will truly be ‘The Most Popular Exhibition Ever’.

This Summer one of Art Today’s favourite Contemporary Artists – the indomitable Grayson Perry – will be featured in a series of events at the Serpentine – one of the most popular galleries in the Capital.  A formidable pairing to be sure, and certainly something not to be missed.  Art Today got the lowdown on the upcoming events, as well as the resident exhibition showing until 10th September 2017…


The exhibition has been named ‘Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!’.  Only a mere handful of Contemporary Artists could be worthy of such confidence, and Perry – ‘one of the most astute commentators on contemporary society and culture’ of our time – is certainly one of them.  Always one to draw a crowd, the unabashed cross-dressing artist continues to delight his fans with works of singular importance.  With inspiration drawn from his childhood and life as a transvestite, his eclectic mix of various artistic media – ceramics, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry – depict scenes from contemporary life, raising questions on social mores and ideology.

Some of the pieces on show at the exhibition, they depict delicately-articulated details of contemporary scenes.

With this particular exhibition, Perry wishes to address one of his own concerns: How can contemporary art best address a cross-section of society?

Perry himself states:-

“I am in the communication business and I want to communicate to as wide an audience as possible…  What kind of art do people like? What subjects? Why do people like going to art galleries these days? What is the relationship of traditional art to social media?” 

Timing the exhibition to coincide with crowds flocking to London to enjoy creative events of all kinds occurring during the temperate Summer weather, Perry may just find the answers he is looking for.

The Gallery fully anticipate the exhibition to be extremely popular and advise visitors to allow for queuing times.

One of the exhibition products in the Serpentine shop – a Grayson-Perry-designed skateboard or ‘Kateboard’ (limited edition of 999, plus 25 AP’s.  Made by The Skateroom).  £150.

Artist Talk, 24th July (7pm):-

Sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society, Grayson Perry will deliver a talk on his exhibition at the Serpentine this Summer.  ‘The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!’ will touch on many themes including ‘popularity and art, masculinity and the current cultural landscape’.  

Saturday Talks:  Rebecca Lewin on Grayson Perry, 5th August (3pm):-

Featuring a British Sign Language Interpretation by Jeni Draper, this talk will be presented by exhibition Curator, Rebecca Lewin.  It will focus on the artist’s Summer showing ‘The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!’, delivered by the Serpentine Gallery until 10th September 2017.

Art Today says:- With the exhibition focus being how to engage the widest cross-section of society possible, providing BSL interpretation is a masterstroke for enabling an often-forgotten social group to access this particular artistic provision.

This Talk is FREE, but booking is required.








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