Art Today Expansion Campaign

A note from Frida, our Editor-in-Chief, on Art Today’s Kickstarter Expansion Campaign, PayPal Production Campaign, and our plans for the future…

A Note from our Editor-in-Chief:-

It has been a successful few months at Art Today!

With this in mind, we are forging ahead with expansion plans and streamlining production in order to provide an ever-improving arts platform.

Our Expansion Campaign…

We are currently promoting a campaign via Kickstarter to add both an Emporium and a Gallery to our online magazine.  The Kickstarter campaign has started today and can be reached here:-

Our planned virtual Emporium will feel like walking into an online arts bazaar.

Via the new Emporium and Gallery we aim to give artists and designers a robust platform in order to both sell their wares to an already-engaged demographic, but also to forge stronger community links for the arts as a whole.

As such, we are looking for gifted artists to showcase and sell their artworks in our Gallery.  From our Gallery Community, we will also regularly choose Resident Artists, and promote their works even more strongly.

We are also looking for ingenious artisans, fashion designers, arts gadget inventors and interiors specialists to sell their products in our virtual Emporium.  This will be akin to entering a Turkish bazaar of creative wares, where readers can procure innovative gifts, chic home furnishings and potentially their Summer wardrobe!

Our PayPal Campaign…

As well as our Kickstarter campaign, we have also decided to include a PayPal ‘donate’ button at the bottom of each of our articles.  This is to cover our general online magazine production costs without having to resort to a Payment Wall, and should only last until we get our winning advertising submissions up and running later this year.

Future Plans…

Art Today’s readership figures are currently skyrocketing, increasing every day with much-appreciated support from all of you.

We plan to further strengthen the links between the professional arts community and enthusiastic reader with more, phased expansions and diversifications of our online magazine.  As you can see from our current ‘Call To Action’ [], we are committed to embracing all manner of creative endeavours – however new – and providing exposure to enable their businesses to flourish.

Furthermore, there are plans afoot for a membership scheme, a design service, and charity partnerships, to name but a few!

If you are interested in getting involved, get in contact with us via our email address:

[email protected]

Thank you for your ongoing support!









Please give generously towards our magazine production costs.

Also, see our Kickstarter campaign to donate to our 2-phased Emporium and Gallery expansion programme...