Indonesia: A World of Treasures

A photographic exhibition by Ebbie Vebri Adrian is unveiled at Rietumu Gallery, Riga…

Ebbie Vebri Adrian’s eclectic photographic survey of Indonesia is showcased by Rietumu Gallery, Riga, until 21st October.

Art Today’s cultural associates in Latvia’s capital, Riga, have updated us on this exclusive gallery’s latest photographic exhibition…

Ebbie Vebri Adrian

A photo exhibition by Ebbie Vebri Adrian, a renowned Indonesian travel photographer has been unveiled at Rietumu Gallery, Riga. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Stockholm.

Eclectic Photographic Documentary

The exhibition features 30 works by Ebbie Vebri Adrian, depicting Indonesian cultural diversity and rich landscapes. Whilst undertaking the project, Ebbie has explored more than 3,000 destinations on the 300 islands that make up all of Indonesia’s 34 provinces. His efforts have documented an eclectic range of subjects – Indonesian people, cultures, fascinating landscape, heritage, as well as both flora and fauna – in order to express his love for his homeland.

Ebbie’s exhibition is produced in association with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Stockholm.

Varied Landscapes

In his words, Ebbie describes Indonesia as a…

‘…  miniature of the world, where one can find so many fascinating landscapes and people. You can find there everything – from the biggest atoll, one of the world’s deepest lakes—Lake Matano, the world’s biggest fort which is located in Bau-Bau, the tallest and the largest flower, one of the world’s seven summits and so much more [sic].’.

The exhibition features a vast array of subject matter, all displaying Ebbie’s devotion to his Indonesian heritage.

Cultural Diversity

Indonesia is located in the South East Asia and is made up of more than 17,000 islands. The region is culturally diverse due to the 300 ethnic groups cohabitating within the vast territory. Each of the ethnic groups has its own distinct culture, language and customs.


The exhibition is open until 21 October on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00.

Free entry.

Address: Rietumu Bank’s central office “Rietumu Capital Center”, Vesetas street 7, Riga.



[Credits:  Feature image – part of the ‘A World of Treasures’ exhibition by Ebbie Vebri Adrian ; Rietumu Bank & Gallery Press Office; Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Stockholm; mmacomms, Latvia]


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