Benjamin Murphy: Lavish Entropy

Showing at the Delphian Gallery, Marylebone, from 10th to 15th July, this figurative artist returns with an idiosyncratic ouvre of dark line-drawings…


Born in 1988, Benjamin Murphy is now based in London, and exhibits globally. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree specialising in Contemporary Fine Art. As well as exhibiting regularly, he writes about contemporary art for a number of magazines, and curates multiple shows a year.


Benjamin Murphy is an internationally exhibited artist who is most well-known for creating darkly alluring  monochromatic, figurative, line-drawings using the esoteric medium of electrical tape. His process involves  cutting the black tape and affixing it upon glass, to create detailed and elaborate portraits.

Much of the work is made in Murphy’s signature style, that of painting using only black electrical tape on  glass. For the past year, Murphy has been working on some new 3D tape paintings, by creating the images  on three separate panes of glass, and housing them all within one frame, with a gap in between each.  When the viewer moves around the works, a parallax shift effect gives the works depth. This show will  bring together the diverse parts of his practice, including some of his hand-stitched paper drawings  alongside his more typical tape paintings. Benjamin has also been experimenting with ceramics, and the  disordered naivety of these contrasts nicely with the meticulous preciseness of his other works.

Career highlights include

Exhibitions: The Saatchi Gallery, Beers Contemporary LDN, Subliminal Projects LA
Charity Exhibitions: The Serpentine Gallery, Sotheby’s, The Houses Of Parliament, The Wallace  Collection

Lavish Entropy

The work is inspired by the classic literature Murphy read as research for his first play Flowering  Desolation, completed in early 2018. French Naturalism and Literary Modernism are major influences,  with the works of Marcel Proust playing an especially important part. The exhibition opens on what would  have been Proust’s 147th birthday.   As well as his other works, Lavish Entropy will include a single page from Flowering Desolation, which has  never been seen by the public.

The Saatchi Gallery

Immediately following the close of Lavish Entropy, Murphy will be exhibiting at The Saatchi Gallery for a  second time, showing a screenprint of one of the key pieces in Lavish Entropy.

Delphian Gallery

Delphian, meaning ‘obscurely prophetic’ aims to be just that – giving a platform to varied work that is and will become important to people in a way that may not be immediately apparent. Art in a broader sense aims to raise questions about our lives and the world around us that sometimes cannot be expressed in other ways. The team behind the Delphian Gallery brand are curatorially focused, but are free enough to allow the direction of a show to evolve around the artists, rather than the inverse. The exhibitions have an obscure yet defined theme that ties the works together without constricting them in any way. Championing exciting esoteric talent, the three-person team each have a  unique skillset of curatorial expertise.




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