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Art Today are launching their first Submission Round for Advertisement Applications in our online magazine…

Want to advertise with Art Today?

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This year marks the first Advertisement Submission Round for Art Today Magazine.  If you are considering advertising with us, then here are the details…

Our Ethos

We consider advertisement space at a premium in our online magazine.  As a brand, we don’t want to offer our readers a multitude of flashing distractions across our well-considered articles, spoiling the leisurely, creative experience.

Another feature of our brand, however, is providing a platform for a) upcoming artists and arts venues to market themselves and gain a following; b) arts suppliers to make themselves and their products more widely known; c) arts events to gain increased popularity and the ticket sales that follow suit!

We have thus created 4 levels of advertising with Art Today to suit the various types of creative endeavours we wish to support…

1.  Endorsement Partnerships

Who for?  Start-up arts suppliers, revolutionary arts gadgets and budding creative businesses.

What does it involve?  Social media reciprocal posting and endorsement, interview articles and product testing.

Cost?  Gratis.

Current Endorsement Partner – goo.ey x Ai Weiwei iPhone case.

A quid-pro-quo relationship whereby you scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours!  If you like what you see in the Art Today online magazine – and we, in turn, appreciate what you do – we can share that with our individual followings to create a wider audience.

[Example: See our article on goo.ey gadget cases here:]

What do you need to do?  Tell us how you can promote our brand.

2.  Advertising Space

Who for?  Established arts venues, brands and creative businesses.

What does it involve?  You pay for advertising space in our online magazine.

Cost?  You tell us.

What do you need to consider?  We currently have readership figures akin to Shares magazine and Garden Answers, but the sky’s the limit!  We are embracing our marketplace and have expansion plans in the pipeline…

What do you need to do?

Submit your application for advertising space to us by the 1st July 2018 deadline, detailing which of our web pages or articles you would prefer to appear in and for how long.  Obviously, we consider certain pieces and certain types of advert to be more influential and that should reflect in your bid.

3.  Ticket Sales

Who for?  Arts festivals and events.

What does it involve?  We provide a ticket sales service for your event via our online magazine website.

Cost?  A percentage of ticket sales.

We will offer the capability for your customers to buy your tickets through our website for your arts event or festival, or even ongoing links to your venue whereby your diary is featured with us for all-year-round ticket sales.  We will feature your events in our ongoing diary and features articles, and can publish podcast or written interviews with your key curators.

What do you need to do?

Submit an application for linked ticket sales to us by our 1st July 2018 deadline, detailing your event and the ticket sale percentage you propose to offer us.  Please send us press packs as and when they become available, along with VIP/Press tickets to your event and/or Private Viewing.

4.  Art Today Gallery Membership

Who for?  Upcoming or established artists and performers.

What does it involve?  Artists will advertise and sell their works as they become available in our online magazine gallery.  Performers will advertise and sell clips of their work.

Cost?  A percentage of works/clips sold.

[Example:  We have begun this type of member relationship with our Digital Artist Yda.  See link here –]

Current Resident Artist – Yda‘s ‘Nichibotsu’ (‘Sunset’). Complete our Get in Touch form if you wish to purchase this digital art piece. (Price on request.).

What do you need to do?

Submit an application for gallery membership to us by the 1st July 2018 deadline, detailing what commission you propose we take, your work, a bio and any prizes you have won so far.  We will need to know how prolific you are (how often you produce a finished piece/performance) in order to ascertain your potential.

Bonus:  From time-to-time we will choose 6 Resident Artists from our body of Gallery Members.  Resident Artists will be able to sign up for Q&A sessions on our Twitter page, feature interviews and online podcasts.


Deadline:  Please apply to our Head Office via email at [email protected] by 1st July 2018.  There is no set layout required – be creative and bold!

Assessment:  We will assess your application at the beginning of July, contacting those we have accepted by email by 16th July 2018.

Success:  Should you be successful, we will make every effort to work with you to get your advertisement up and running as soon as possible.  As a rough guide, Endorsement Partnerships should be finalised and online by 1st August, Gallery Memberships by 1st September, Advertising Space by 1st October, and Ticket Sales by 1st November.

Best of luck!

The Management.


[Credits:  Feature image –;;; Yda Press Office]



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