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Art Today magazine was founded in order to identify, appraise and proliferate good art.  From Tracey Emin to an A-Level art student, from Ai Weiwei to an anonymous street artist, if it’s good, it’s in.  We enjoy looking at all artistic genres, and want to know about any related events and current affairs.  The creative world is our oyster – come and break bread with us!

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Broomsquires Auctions are an online auction house with plans to provide a pop-up, travelling service soon!

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Art Today Research

From advising on brand placement to market research, conducting arts industry surveys to compliance consultancy – Art Today Research will do the legwork so that you don’t have to.

Broomsquires Auctions

A new kid on the block in the auction business specialising in art and collectables, antiques, preloved furniture and fashion, along with vintage textiles and craft supplies.  Take a look at their ever-expanding range on their eBay auction shop.

Violet & Chartreuse

A new home and lifestyle brand encapsulating interior design, luxury, limited-edition, organic produce and upcycled design gems – look out for their website launch soon!

Art Today Gallery & Emporium

Featuring artworks from our favourite magazine contributors, winners of our Work of The Week Award and esteemed associates – alongside Art Today Magazine merchandise and art materials – our new Shopify store will stock everything for the art connoisseur.


Here are a few of our regular and adhoc contributors.  All of our staff, partners and associates are encouraged to write about and comment on any art form that really resonates with them…


Frida Kahlo

Frida: Our Art Director & Editor-in-Chief

Andrea S. Greig-Bartram:  Founder of Art Today Magazine (aka “Frida”)

“Frida” (aka Andrea S. Greig-Bartram) caught the art bug when she won a national colouring competition, aged 10.  From then on, Art became one of her favourite subjects.  She discovered a talent for Textiles and started exhibiting her work aged 16.  Over time, she won a number of prizes and was asked to join the Royal School of Needlework and Royal College of Music.  At Royal Holloway College (University of London), she studied a BA (Hons) in Classics, majoring in Greek Sculpture & Architecture, Ancient Greek History, and Women in Antiquity.  She won the Ancient Greek Sculpture prize in her first year, after which her Sculpture Professor recommended her for an internship at the British Museum (Elgin Marbles).  In recent years, she has enjoyed an Oxford University Research Fellowship, and has immersed herself in the study of Art Law and Interior Design.  She is now an accredited member of the British Society of Magazine Editors, an alumna member of the Oxford Writers’ House, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, and a member of the Winsor & Newton Inspire Research PanelFavourite Artists: Pheidias, Picasso, Dante Gabriel Rosetti and Frida Kahlo.



Shio: Social Media & Photography


“Shio” has had a penchant for all things Japanese for as long as she can remember.  A technology wunderkind, she hopes to set the world alight with her computer gaming graphics and set designs.  She is our Features Photographer – nothing slips past her camera lens!  Catch her on our Twitter feed presenting Drop-Ins and Q&A’s on Manga and Anime.  She also covers events in the Hampshire & London areas.  Favourite anime series: Log Horizon.



Steve Males: Landscapes & Portraiture


Making marks on paper felt like a release for Steve as a child.  As he got older, he discovered more media which opened up more artistic styles for him to investigate.  The first artist to stop him in his tracks was Salvador Dali.  The dreamlike scenes rendered in such a realistic style were a revelation.  After studying at Amersham College of Art & Design, he sought to find his creative niche and career.  He spent time as an Architect and Print Designer before becoming a Graphic Designer for Perfect Circle in Aylesbury.

In more recent times, he has developed a need for an artistic outlet in his non-work time again, getting restless if he doesn’t paint for a while.  He always takes an Art Kit with him wherever he goes, in order to capture a moment or view.  His influences are David Hockney, Constable, Ronnie Wood, Barbara Hepworth, Tracey Emin, Banksy and Edward Hopper.  One of life’s natural artists, he ponders “So much to look at.  So much emotion to absorb.  So many marks on paper.”.  Steve’s work will be showcased in our Gallery, where it will be available for purchase.  Favourite piece of kit: Palette Knife.


Iain Hazlewood Resident Artist (Garden & Exterior Design)

Iain Hazlewood, (Editor, Spiral Earth Magazine):  Garden & Exterior Design

Iain is a Designer and Writer who founded popular Folk and Roots music website Spiral Earth in 2004.  Trained as an Illustrator, his passions include the English country garden, books, the pub and fine tweed.  When he’s not indulging those passions, he might be climbing a mountain, planning a surf trip or trying to find somewhere to store the great big canoe he just bought!  Favourite outdoor space: Dingle Peninsula, West Coast of Ireland.







Yda: Digital Art

“Yda” is a truly zen individual.  A digital genius and poetry prodigy, her War Poetry has been included in the WW1 Ypres Salient Cenotaph Memorial, Belgium.  She is inspired by beautiful landscapes and bright palettes.  Her interests include archery and watersports. Her popular, dreamlike digital portraiture and landscapes will also be available for sale in the Gallery.  Favourite colour: cyan.


Kirsty Ambler Guest Writer

Kirsty Ambler (Associate Director, Spiral Earth Magazine): Festivals & Music



Kirsty has been working in an editorial role across a range of publications for the last 15 years.  With a love of a dizzying variety of music, she very much enjoys attending and reviewing events and festivals.  Her favourite things seem to revolve around water – swimming in it, attempting to surf on it and diving under it.  She’s also a gin connoisseur – Cin, Cin!  Favourite gin: Monkey 47.





Dorothea Moore: Education



Dorothea has retired from a career in arts education and ceramics.  From a brief spell as a pottery teacher, to time working as Head of Art for a top girls’ school, Dorothea has taught them all.  She will comment on current arts education provision, offer motivation for budding arts students and give a fascinating snapshot into 20th Century art philosophy.  Her favourite hobby is quilling, and she cuts a mean Waltz.  Favourite movie:  Thoroughly Modern Millie.






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